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Car Repair Services


At Pit Air Motors, we offer some of the best car repair services available in Croydon and London.

We can conduct any task, from regular maintenance, through in-depth repairs, as well as purely cosmetic changes, such as our incredible car wrapping service.

Thanks to the vast experience of our team, our cutting-edge tools, as well as sheer determination, we can help you make your car fully functional once again, or simply make sure that it is always up and running at an optimal rate.

When your car requires repair or maintenance, it's essential to choose a reputable and reliable auto repair shop or mechanic. Be sure to ask for recommendations from friends and family, check our online reviews, and inquire about the shop's certifications and experience before entrusting them with your vehicle.

The car repair services provided by Pit-Air Motors Ltd. are second to none.

Here's a quick list of what our services may include. For full list please scroll down to the Van and Car Repair Services grid!

  1. Oil Change: Regularly replacing the engine oil and oil filter to maintain engine health and performance.
  2. Brake Inspection and Repair: Checking the braking system, replacing brake pads, and addressing any issues with the brake system.
  3. Tire Rotation and Replacement: Rotating tires to ensure even wear and replacing them when they are worn out.
  4. Battery Check and Replacement: Testing the car battery's condition and replacing it if necessary.
  5. Engine Tune-Up: Inspecting and adjusting key engine components for optimal performance.
  6. Air Conditioning Service: Checking and repairing the car's air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.
  7. Electrical System Repairs: Addressing issues with the car's electrical components, such as lights, alternator, starter, and battery.
  8. Exhaust System Repairs: Fixing exhaust leaks and addressing issues related to the car's exhaust system.
  9. Suspension and Steering Repairs: Repairing or replacing components in the suspension and steering system for a smooth and stable ride.
  10. Transmission Service: Inspecting and servicing the transmission to ensure proper functioning and extend its lifespan.
  11. Cooling System Service: Maintaining the cooling system to prevent overheating and potential engine damage.
  12. Check Engine Light Diagnostics: Identifying and resolving issues related to the vehicle's computerized system.
  13. Fuel System Cleaning: Cleaning the fuel injectors and other components to maintain fuel efficiency and performance.
  14. Preventive Maintenance: Conducting routine inspections and tasks to prevent major issues and prolong the car's life.
car repair services


At Pit-Air Motors ltd, we offer some of the best car repair services available in London. We can conduct any task, from regular maintenance, through in-depth repairs, as well as purely cosmetic changes, such as our incredible car wrapping service.



  • Have been using this garage for 3 years now and have just got my car back from a major overhaul. Car is like new again 😀 Absolutely brilliant car garage, more than fair pricing and great customer service from the office team many thanks to Lucas and the team for restoring my faith in honest independent garages again. Very highly recommend this place.

    Sheryl R
  • Excellent, honest and friendly service, my repair was diagnosed and fixed by Bartek, very friendly, helpful, polite and professional young man. Thank you guys so much.
    T. Joseph
  • Found the time to slot me in for new brakes when other’s wouldn’t... Friendly professionals who completed the job quickly, efficiently and for a highly competitive price...It’s always a concern going to a new car garage but I needn’t have worried I left 100% satisfied, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services and will use them again!

    Marcus Gilbert
  • I chose Pit-Air Motors Ltd because of the good reviews I read on Google, so it was the first time I had used them. I can happily say I wasn't disappointed and I believe I have found a car garage for life! Marcin and his team are fantastic, helpful and understanding especially Bartek who did an excellent job. They managed to fit my car in for a check-up the next morning I called up (very last minute) which I can't thank them enough for. Marcin kept me updated and I felt I could put my trust in him and his team to do a good job. Thank you again.

    Mike Perez
  • Had my Vauxhall astra repaired here Cambelt waterpump auxiliary belt oil and filter change. Dropped it off in the morning when I collected it after work to say I'm impressed is an understatement it drives like a new car 100% will be bringing it back for future work 5*service !
    Liam Brook
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