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car breakdown - vehicle recovery
Car breakdown and recovery: essential steps and advice
Experiencing a car breakdown can be a stressful and inconvenient event. However, knowing the appropriate steps and behaviours to follow can make the situation more manageable and ensure your safety. In this blog post, we will outline the most important actions to take when your car breaks down. Additionally, we'll highlight how we can offer […]
air con regas ozone check in croydon
Pre-summer car air con system check
Spring is a season of renewal and preparation. By scheduling an air con system check for your car during this time, you can ensure a smooth and comfortable driving experience all summer long.
used cars Croydon
LCVS - Used cars dealer in Croydon
LCVS - Used cars dealer in Croydon - the sister company of Pit-Air Motors Ltd, is thrilled to unveil our latest stock of our top-quality, checked and well-serviced used cars! 
spring car maintenance
Essential spring car maintenance tips: keeping your car in top shape
Along with the seasonal weather change comes the perfect opportunity to give your car some much-needed attention after enduring the harsh conditions of winter weather. 
Top automotive trends to watch out for in 2024
In 2024, the automotive industry finds itself at a pivotal juncture, poised for transformative change driven by technological innovation, shifting consumer preferences, and global imperatives concerning sustainability and connectivity. 
EPC light
What is the EPC light and what does it mean?
When a warning light appears on the dashboard while driving a car, it certainly raises your anxiety right away. The biggest one is usually  the check engine  and the EPC light that is on, which informs about faults related to the car's electrical system. Of course, that doesn't always mean the end of the journey. When can you continue […]
ADAS Calibration: Why, When, and How?
We live in a modern world that is increasingly filled with modern automobiles. Technology has provided us with safer vehicles in the form of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). It’s estimated that 92% of all vehicles have at least one ADAS feature, and some studies believe that all this technology has the potential to save over 20,000 lives a year.
AdBlue - how does it work and should you be afraid of it?
AdBlue is supposed to protect the environment, but some drivers don't like having to take care of it and also incur additional costs. In this article, we explain what AdBlue is and how exactly it works.
How to De-Fog your Windshield in 3 easy steps!
First, determine if the fog is on the inside or outside of your windshield. A quick hit of the wipers will readily tell you if the fog is inside or outside. Outside fog will clear after a sweep of the wipers. Inside fog, will not. In an outside fog situation, you’ll continue to use your wipers, so make sure they are in good condition. Inside fog requires a few more steps to remove, but it is not hard!
Common Electric Car Issues and Their Solutions
As electric cars gain popularity, more and more people are transitioning to eco-friendly transportation options. However, like any new technology, electric vehicles (EVs) come with their own set of challenges. In this article, we will explore the common issues faced by electric car owners and provide practical solutions to overcome them.
spark plugs
When was the last time you checked your spark plugs?
Its purpose is to ignite the air or fuel mixture inside the engine cylinder. Electrical energy is transmitted into the spark plug and ignites the fuel and air mixture in the engine combustion chamber. Another function of the spark plug is to help remove heat from the combustion chamber or the engine’s cylinder.
10 Things on Your car You should check regularly
Cars are an incredibly useful tool that can take you from place to place in a quick and relatively safe manner – but that’s only as long as you take proper care of it to make sure everything runs as it should. Without proper maintenance, you run the risk of your car failing you at the worst possible moment, so make sure you check these ten things regularly.
Mechanic Wanted!
Experienced and Qualified Motor Vehicle Technician, Mechanic required for a professional, well established repair workshop based in Croydon.
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