ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

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ADAS calibration - Pit-Air Motors Croydon

ADAS calibration involves aligning these sensing devices in your car so that they function properly. A dynamic calibration process will require the technician to take your car out for a drive, while a static calibration process uses specialist tools to calibrate the ADAS while your car is stationary. According to every manufacturer, it is mandatory to recalibrate your ADAS during the following scenarios:
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- ADAS lights are on or flashing
- Collision
- Replacement change in tires or ride height
- Windshield replacement

What is ADAS

ADAS systems require incredibly precise calibration to ensure they function properly. This means the sensors, cameras, and radars that make up these systems must be positioned accurately. If the position of the ADAS is off by even millimeters, it compromises the functionality and can lead to unintended, and often dangerous, consequences. That is why Pit Air Motors have decided to lead the way with this technology. We want our customers to be as safe as possible and reap all the benefits ADAS systems provide. We also have the ability to calibrate the ADAS systems of all makes and models, so no customer will be left behind.
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Many modern vehicles boast complex technologies as part of their windscreen. Work your way through this handy checklist. If you’re vehicle has any of these features, then you  can trust us to confirm if a calibration is necessary.
  • Driver Monitoring System
  • Electric vehicle warning sounds used in hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles
  • Emergency driver assistant
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Intersection assistant
  • Hill descent control
  • Intelligent speed adaptation or intelligent speed advice (ISA)
  • Lane departure warning system
  • Lane change assistance
  • Pedestrian protection system
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Turning assistant
  • Vehicular communication systems Wrong-way driving warning
  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
  • Adaptive high beam
  • Glare-free high beam
  • Adaptive light control: swivelling curve lights
  • Automatic parking
  • Automotive navigation system providing up-to-date traffic information.
  • Automotive night vision
  • Blind spot monitor
  • Collision avoidance system
  • Crosswind stabilization
  • Driver drowsiness detection


Benefits of ADAS

These systems increase safety and reaction times to potential through early warning and automated systems. Some of these systems are built standard to certain vehicles, while aftermarket features and even entire systems are available to add at a later date to personalize the vehicle to the driver.


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